Row Crops

Foundation Farms currently raises corn, soybeans and wheat. Our farm practices no-till on 100% of our acres and we have been no-tilling land for over 20 years. We can tell a noticeable difference in the ground that has had tillage, compared to our no-tilled fields. Our land follows a 50/50 rotation between corn and soybeans.  We also use cover crops in our management program to help prevent erosion and sequester nutrients. 

Crop Analysis Drone UsageOn the technology side, we use the latest in yield mapping technology so that we know the “best” spots in the field, and the spots in the field that have not quite reached their full potential yet. We variable rate lime and fertilizer applications in conjunction with yield and grid-sampled soil maps, so that each area of land has just the right amount of nutrients to make each acre reach its full potential.

Our goal of practicing no-till, planting a 50/50 rotation of corn and soybeans, using cover crops, and using technology to map and variable rate our fields has allowed us to harness the productivity of the soil, while also protecting the environment so that we can improve it for the next generation.  

Landowners / Prospective Partners

We believe in taking care of the land and would like the opportunity to care for yours. Foundation Farms has several available options for rent compensation; we would enjoy sitting down with you to discuss your goals and desires for your land.  Visit our contact page and give us a call.