Foundation Farms raises cattle and pigs for freezer beef and pork. We take pride in doing some things just a little differently, and a cut above the rest.

Our calves tend to get a little lovin’ from several thousand people each fall, and the care does not stop there! The calves are fed a balanced diet, just like a body builder eats each day to grow big, strong muscles. They live an easy life and enjoy romping around every now and again until they reach about 1350 pounds! Then we are ready for someone else to enjoy them.

Our pigs are really a hoot; hands-down the most fun animal on the farm to watch! They like to root around in their thick straw bedding and play with the automatic waterer just for fun. They eat feed that is in their automatic feeder throughout the year, but LOVE Fall when there are a few extra pumpkins around. That’s how we make “Pumpkin Pork”. We may be a little biased, but we’re pretty hog-wild about it!

Our online store is in the works. In the meantime, please visit our contact page, if you're interested in freezer beef & pork.